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Live Betting

Bovada Betting Live has become increasingly popular in recent years, having gained a respectable share on the total betting market. Its popularity is based on the belief that it’s easier to beat the bookie if you bet while a sports event is taking place, as you can watch the action in real time and take better advantage of your chances. The truth is, that Bovada Betting Live is even more difficult to handle and requires a high level of self-discipline if you wish to gain profit in the long term. You may have bumped into other definitions of the term Bovada Betting Live in the betting industry. Some call it in-play betting or in-running betting, but it’s exactly the same thing. Its main difference is that you place your bet after a sports event has started and could place consecutive bets till its conclusion. The vast majority of the highest rated online bookmakers offer a huge variety of in-play bets for multiple events. Football, basketball and horse racing still remain the most popular markets.

Choosing a strategy

The best way to claim long-term profits in Bovada Betting Live is to rely on a specific betting strategy. There are plenty of them for you to choose, from those addressing to risk-averse punters, to more conservative and speculative ones. There are almost as many strategies as there are people using them. Whatever the strategy, the top priority of a punter should be not to maximize the profits, but to minimize potential losses. Some popular betting systems such as Martingale can become dangerous when used in Bovada Betting Live.  Placing consecutive bets by redoubling your wagers in case of loss (that’s what Martingale requires) could lead to a dead end, as bookmakers have taken the necessary precautions and have enforced maximum betting limits. Even if your amount if big, you get the risk of hitting the ceiling and then it would be impossible to gain back the lost money.

In play betting Tips

Contrary to common belief, there’s no perfect Bovada Betting Live strategy you can follow. In fact, anyone could discover a winning strategy that fits his style of play and bankroll. The key parameters of setting a betting strategy are only two: Time and odds. Playing time is considered as the defining factor of Bovada Betting Live. The odds keep on moving upwards and downwards depending on what playing time is left. Punters can take advantage of this time regardless of their style of play if they simply back picks to be confirmed or not. The simple rule is to place an early bet in picks not to happen (such as draw odds, under 2,5 goals or under a specific number of corner kicks), as the odds are moving downwards. On the contrary, a late bet in picks to happen could lead to huge odds. Of course, the winning percentage in those picks is traditionally far less than others, but the odds are obviously better and could prove to be much more profitable. The key is to decide from the beginning the exact time limit when the bet should be placed. For example, if you decide to place an Over 2,5 bet after the match has started, you should also decide that you could place it in the 20th minute or at halftime instead of watching and waiting.

Bovada Betting Live odds

Odds movements depend not only on the playing time remaining but also on various other aspects, such as the score and the players remaining on the field. For every aspect, there’s a pattern followed by all bookmakers, which determines the specific movement of the odds. If the odds of a home win are 1.50 just before the kickoff, in 15 min. then they should be at 1.65 in case a goal has not been scored. In this case, as well, the key is to pre-decide the odds limit, when you think the pick will gain some added value. If you make a decision beforehand, i.e. that you’ll place a bet on a home win as soon as the odds reach a specific limit (i.e. 1.80), this will prevent any possible drawbacks. Of course, there’s a possibility of not placing some bets within seconds (your backed team scores with the odds in 1.79), but waiting all the time for the best odds to come could cause a feeling of all-time wasting.
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