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Bet on Bovada MLB

The three most common types of Bovada MLB lines to bet on are the point spread, money line and total, but the action doesn’t stop there. You also have the option of parlay and prop betting on MLB action. With so many games, intriguing matchups between pitchers and batters, and an abundance of wagering options, it’s easy to see why wagering on MLB is so much fun. It can also be a little intimidating, but that’s where we come in. Take a look below and you’ll find a brief explanation of every MLB line and betting type. Once you’ve finished your MLB wagering homework, you’ll be ready to step to the plate and swing for the fences.

Bovada MLB Spread Betting

Also known as the run line, MLB point spread betting has become a very popular type of line to wager when it comes to Bovada MLB betting. In order to set a point spread, oddsmakers must decide who will be the favored team in a given game. Then, they’ll allocate a set number of runs against the favorite, which they must cover. In order for your point spread bet on the favorite to be graded as a win, the favorite must win the game by more runs than the amount set by the oddsmakers, which is also called covering the spread. If you choose to place a wager on the underdog, they must not lose by more than the number of runs allocated or win the game outright.

Bovada MLB Moneyline Betting

Due to its simplicity, money line wagers are very popular among sports bettors who prefer to bet on single events without points being added or subtracted. To make a money line wager, all you have to do is decide who will win the game and decide whether you want the pitching matchup to affect your wager. Oddsmakers set the lines on each team and the favorites will be represented with lower odds while the underdogs will be given higher odds.

Bovada MLB Totals Betting

The total, also known as over/under, is another popular type of MLB line to bet. Totals wagering involves betting on the total number of runs scored combined in an MLB game. Oddsmakers will set a total number of runs for any given MLB game and you’ll have the option of betting whether the teams will score more or less (go over or under) the number of runs set by the oddsmakers.

Bovada MLB Parlay Betting

Parlay wagering is becoming increasingly popular among many in the MLB wagering realm as it offers something that everyone likes: more bang for your buck. The payout for a parlay is typically greater than a straight bet, but the bigger reward comes with increased risk. Parlay betting involves selecting two to twelve games to wager on and they typically offer a bigger payout than individual bets. You can bet on the money line, point spread/run line, total or a combination of each in a parlay bet.

Bovada MLB Prop Betting

While not as popular as point spread, money line or totals betting, wagering on MLB props is common among both beginner and advanced bettors. A prop bet is a wager that has no direct relationship to the outcome or final score of a single MLB game. They typically come in the form of player or team prop bets, but during events like the All-Star game, you’ll see fun props on the winner of the Home Run Derby and the game’s MVP Award, among others.
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