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Bovada Poker Jackpot Sit And Go

Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go

It took long enough, but Bovada Bovada poker tournaments finally joined the year 2017 and launched its own version of the Lottery Sit & Go called Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go. Actually, I shouldn’t be harsh in such a sarcastic tone, as Bovada only recently brought its online Bovada poker tournaments room back to life after selling it to Ignition Casino, so I suppose this was really pretty quick work on Bovada’s part. The Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go doesn’t really very much any other Bovada poker tournaments offering of its type. It is three-handed, blinds go up quickly, stacks are short, and the winner takes the entire prize pool except in instances where that prize pool is excessively large. And, as usual, the prize pool is determined by a random spin before the game starts, calculated as a multiple of the buy-in. The table of possible prize pool multiples and their buy-ins: -2x – 74,995 in 100,000; -5x – 24,887 in 100,000; -15x – 105 in 100,000; -120x – 9 in 100,000; -240x – 3 in 100,000; -1,200x – 1 in 100,000. So, most of the time – virtually all the time, really, the prize for a Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go on Bovada is going to be either twice or five times the buy-in. With the rest of the prize possibilities amounting to just 118 chances in 100,000, there really is not much point to even hoping for any of them, even the 15x prize multiplier. The natural comparison for Bovada’s Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go will be to Bovada poker tournaments Stars’ Spin & Go. They really are quite similar, with the prizes being the main difference. Bovada poker tournaments Stars has eight prize multiplier tiers for their Spin & Go’s, while Bovada has just six for Jackpot. The primary variation is that Bovada poker tournaments Stars’ extra tiers come in the middle, with 6x, 10x, and 25x instead of Bovada’s 15x. Bovada poker tournaments Stars also varies its prize multiplier probabilities based on the Spin & Go buy-in, whereas Bovada uses just one probability table for all of its Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go’s. Speaking of buy-ins, Bovada Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go’s $2, $7, $15, and $30. Bovada poker tournaments Stars, again with the comparison, has more on the micro-stakes end and more on the high stakes end. But that makes sense since Bovada poker tournaments stars are the largest online Bovada poker tournaments room in the world and naturally will have the players that can fill games at a wide range of stakes. But at every Bovada poker tournaments room, most players sit at the lower stakes, and Bovada’s rake is better than Bovada poker tournaments Stars’ at the small stakes end of the spectrum. The rake at Bovada Bovada Jackpot Sit and Go’s is 7 percent all the way around, whereas it starts at 8 percent on Bovada poker tournamentsStars at the lowest three buy-in tiers and decreases from there. On a final note, as frankly, this comparison of Bovada’s and Bovada poker tournaments Stars’ Lottery Sit & Go offerings are getting a bit tiresome, Bovada is not awarding loyalty points for Jackpot games, although that is qualified with a “for the moment” clause. So, I guess we should expect to get those points sometime in the future.
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