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How to bet on Bovada boxing

Bovada boxing has been a popular sport amongst both fans and bettors for over a century. Hand to hand combat is one of the purest forms of sport, and boxing bettors love to bet on a fight whether it is between two evenly matched foes or a David vs. Goliath type of bout. Just about every fight is a betting opportunity for those looking to bet on the outcome.

Basic odds and betting options

The most standard and logical way to bet on a boxing match is to simply bet on which fighter will win between the two boxers in the match. In a fairly evenly matched fight between Boxer A and Boxer B, Boxer A might be a -140 favorite (which means bet $140 to win $100) while Boxer B would be a +120 underdog (bet $100 to win $120).In less evenly matched fights, like those in which Gennady “GGG” Golovkin often fights, the odds could be much more lopsided such as the favorite at -10000 (bet $10000 to win $100) against the underdog at +1600 (bet $100 to win $1600). Another common prop for Bovada boxing betting is wagering on the total number of rounds in a fight. A 12 round fight expected to go the distance might have the total number of rounds set at 11.5 rounds, with bettors given the opportunity to bet on whether the fight will go OVER 11.5 rounds (past the 1:30 mark of the 12th round) or UNDER that total. A fight between two knockout specialists would have a lower total set, such as 5.5 rounds.

Bovada boxing betting strategies

Many big fights often allow bettors to bet on specific types of decisions. For example, in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight, Mayweather was a -225 favorite over Pacquiao at +175 to win the fight. But bettors could bet on specific decisions such as “Mayweather by Decision” at -135 or “Mayweather by Knockout” at +550.“Mayweather by Decision” bettors earned a better payday than those that simply bet Mayweather to win outright. By handicapping each boxer's style and how they are most likely to win or lose the fight, bettors can maximize their profits when betting on boxing.

Finding a suitable sportsbook

When it comes to Bovada boxing betting, the value you receive on the boxer that you are going to back is going to rely heavily on the sportsbook that you choose. Not every sportsbook is going to offer the same line on every fight, especially when the fight is between two unevenly matched opponents. For example, let's say you want to place a bet on a boxer that is a big underdog to win this Saturday. In one book, he might be a +500 underdog against the -800 favorite. But at another, he might be a +650 underdog against the favorite who is listed at -1000. Getting the right price on the boxer of your choice, whether it is the favorite or the underdog, adds up in the long run.
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