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Bovada cricket, on the other hand, is much more simple and straightforward. After learning the basics of how to bet on cricket, bettors will be able to find valuable cricket betting opportunities within the different game formats. Instead of learning how to bet on cricket, bettors might be tempted by more “action-packed” alternatives like baseball betting or handball betting. However, the modernization of game formats and the amount of accessible data has resulted in a spike in cricket betting interest.


The aim of batting is to score the most runs possible in the allotted “overs” (six deliveries from a bowler) or before all of the batsman are given as out by the umpire (referee). A batsman plays at either end of the wicket, with the bowling end alternating at the end of each “over.” Runs are scored by running to either end of the wicket after hitting the ball or by hitting the “boundary” (a rope around the edge of the pitch) - if the ball hits the boundary after touching the floor it scores four runs; if it doesn’t touch the floor it scores six runs.

Bovada cricket betting - How does the sport work?

Two teams of 11 players compete in a game of cricket. A cricket field is circular and can vary in size but the center point, a 22-yard-long strip known as the “pitch” is where most of the action takes place. The two teams take turns to bat and bowl - one bowler and ten fielders for the bowling side and two batsmen at a time (one at either end of the pitch) for the batting side.


The aim of bowling is to limit the number of runs scored by the batting side and dismiss all of its players. Techniques and styles can vary greatly in cricket.

How to bet on Bovada cricket - Things to remember

In terms of the basics of Bovada cricket betting, bettors should first learn the rules of how the game is played. Secondly, bettors need to understand the differences in game formats and how different teams and players will be better suited to them. Finally, analyzing pitch and weather conditions will give more insight into the potential outcome of a match.

How to bet on Bovada cricket - Understanding different formats

The rules of cricket are the same for the different formats of the game. In Bovada cricket betting, it is the differences in how these rules are applied that matters. Each format gives the batting side a different number of “innings” (number of times in bat) and “overs” (the number of deliveries they face). These differences mean different teams and players will be better suited to certain formats. Examples of this would be a batsman who is a “big hitter” is suited to Twenty20 cricket (scoring more runs in a short period of time), whereas a more disciplined batter would be better suited to first-class cricket as they are hard to remove from the game. One of the most important things to consider when learning how to bet on cricket is how external factors can influence the result of a cricket match. These external factors ranging from the weather to the time of day or the condition of the playing surface. Similarly to soccer betting, some teams benefit more than others when it comes to home-field advantage - this is partly down to the importance of the playing surface and how teams will try and maintain the surface to play to their strengths. Cricket teams will use a variety of bowlers and the different types of bowling will be more effective on different types of “wicket”. Some wickets will be wetter than others; they can be hard or soft and they can vary in terms of the amount of grass. The weather has a bigger impact on cricket in comparison to many other sports because it cannot be played in the rain. Additionally, the sun will dry out the wicket more, while countries with more rainfall will produce wetter and greener wickets.
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