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Bovada tennis betting

Every tennis tournament provides bettors with a multitude of betting opportunities. From betting on players to win the tournament to betting on individual matches, the value can be found all over the place for the astute Bovada tennis bettors. Handicappers willing to put in the time and effort can make good money betting on tennis. There are many ways to bet on Bovada tennis. The most straightforward bets are on individual matches. A match between two players that are fairly even in skill will be close in odds on both sides such as player 1 going off at -205 (bet $205 to win $100) against player 2 at +175 (bet $100 to win $175). On the other hand, player 1 going up against a much less talented opponent could be a huge favorite of -5000 (bet $5000 to win $100) while his opponent would be going off at something like +1600 (bet $100 to win $1600). In matches like this, spreads are usually offered, giving bettors the chance to bet player 1 to win in straight sets or his opponent to steal a set at more even prices. Most tournaments also have wagers available on who will win the tournament. So instead of betting on individual matches, a better could just take player 1 to win the US Open at +100 or another player at +600. The “Big Four” are usually the betting favorites in every tournament in which they participate.

Bovada tennis betting strategies

Finding upsets on the tournament win level can be difficult, as it is almost always an elite player that wins the major tournaments when everything is said and done. But on the individual match level, bettors that put in the time to study can find big edges on dominant favorites and live underdogs. One element of Bovada tennis handicapping to consider is the style of each player. Many beginners just get caught up on names and records instead of actually breaking down a match by how the two players play. For example, a normal player is a very effective tennis player due to his powerful serve. Against opponents with an average or sub-par return game, he is going to be virtually unbeatable. But against a great returner, a normal player is vulnerable. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of various players to determine where they are good or bad bets. The surface is also important. Some players are substantially better on clay than they are on other surfaces. Be sure to factor surface into your betting decisions.

Bovada tennis sportsbook

For casual tennis bettors, most sportsbooks will be about the same, offering betting lines on tournament winners and individual matches. But for the more avid tennis bettors, when lines are released and what additional prop bets are available (such as betting on exact scores or set totals) will be a big deal like Bovada tennis.
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