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Advice and Strategy for Bovada volleyball

Bovada volleyball has been around for quite some time and over the years has become a very popular sport in some countries.  Some of the biggest hype is usually around beach Bovada volleyball games as it is very fast paced and usually has the team in very short clothing.  Counties that really love Bovada volleyball include the US, Brazil, and Russia. There is not that big of a fanbase compared to other sports but there are lots of tournaments around the world that are played.  It is also not impossible to find a bookie or online sportsbook that carries some of the major events.  Most of the betting usually takes place during the FIVB World Cup Championships and the Olympics. This article will discuss some of the types of betting odds/types one can make on volleyball, some of the major events, betting strategy and a brief history for all those new bettors to the game.  First, we will discuss some Bovada volleyball types. There are lots of wagers that players can make on the game of volleyball.  These bets really make the game more exciting then it already is. Match Betting in Volleyball: Also known as a straight up bet, it’s a simple bet that predicts who will win the match. Depending on your sports book, the wager may use either decimal or fractional system. The payouts will be better for the underdog as you will see in our example below.  Bettors should look at the odds that your sportsbook offers to see if there is a chance to win some big cash.

Bovada volleyball example

Team A –3.00 Team B – 11.00 In the example above the favorite to win is team A.  For every $2 placed you will get a dollar back for the win.  If you bet $1 on Team B to win and they do you will receive a payout of 10 to 1 which means $10 for you.  It’s always risky for the underdog but as you can see the payoffs are really good. Point Spread: With this type of wager, the winning Bovada volleyball team must beat the spread in order for the bet to pay out. The spread could be set at 45 and the team would have to beat that score for points.  Some bettors like this bet because even if their team loses, they don’t as long as the winning team failed to cover the spread. This is how the sportsbook encourages even betting with these types of wagers. Point Totals: This is a bet on how many points, total, will be scored between the two Bovada volleyball teams. Bettors aren’t betting on the outcome of the match but instead on how many points will be scored. This is also known as an over-under bet where you look at what the sportsbook offers and you try to predict if the score will be over or under that total. Set Handicap: This wager is on the outcome of a particular set. These are offered at terms similar to match bets and are often listed in decimal and fractional system. That is usually the most standard type of betting one would make on volleyball.  Now we will discuss some events that bettors can wager on.
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