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Jackpot Sit & Go

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Ignition Casino Jackpot Sit and Go

Ignition Casino Jackpot Sit and Go uses the same software that was created for Bovada poker, has the same tournaments and SNGs listings and even provides similar bonuses. However, there are a few things that are different: One, everyone is anonymous here, you just get a number instead of the usual username. This way, you don’t get tracked, something explained more in detail later. Two, you can play “triple up”, with 9 hands where the best 3 get payouts, which are on top of the usual double-up/turbo/ultra-turbo games. With Ignition Casino Jackpot Sit and Go, it’s really easy to use the $100 Welcome bonus if you are a US player, since this is a US-only site at the moment, especially for the casino games. The SNGs are considered soft because there are probably fewer games than the other US friendly gambling site that is the rival ACR. So, you can get your $10 and try the games at this poker site, the biggest in the US. First, here at Ignition Casino Jackpot Sit and Go, you can find the standard single table games, and then there is information on the other various kinds including the multi-table SNGs and qualifier games that are streamed via satellite. Similar to all the other Sit and Go reviews, here you will find five good reasons why you should play at Ignition.
  • Ignition Casino Jackpot Sit and Go Table - A key aspect that will grab your attention regarding the single table tournaments is the huge gap in the lower levels for buy-in. The lowest amount for games is $1+10 cents. Then, the next level is $5.50 cents with the next jump to $10+$1, which is more common, along with $20 + $2 and $50 + $5 with a call at $100 + $8. There is the triple-up at $3+30 cents and for newbies, there are the $4 + 40 cents, but something between $2 and $3 would be reasonable. This site has the common games with 2, 6, and 9 hands, with the game with 9 hands the most frequented. There are, of course, the usual formats like standard, turbo, and hyper-turbo at 2 minutes that will cost you 500 chips. Games include PLO and Omaha Hi-Lo Sit n Goes.
  • Sit n Go Variations at Ignition Casino Jackpot Sit and Go - The usual variations are the double-up and triple-ups where the turbo formats offer a lower fee by 50%, but not the standard ones, however. Then you get a payout of 3 times your buy-in if you’re in the top three. So, these games have buy-ins that are at odd values, like $3, $7, etc., and there is an “all-in” as well. This game is quite fun and requires no expertise as it’s hardly a game of poker. There are beginner games for Sit N Go and they aren’t even just for beginners, also for veterans who just enjoy more pay and flatter payout than the other games. If you’re one of the top 4 hands in a 9-handed game, you’ll get a payout and if you are in the top 3 in the 6-handed games, you’ll also get paid. Check this out: Sit n Goes offer less rake, 50% of the game or 5% total, but require a higher maximum buy-in, up to $200 for normal games and $150 for the triple-ups.
  • Multi-Table SNGs at Ignition Casino Jackpot Sit and Go - Satellite Qualifiers at Ignition Once the qualifier games are streamed at Bovada the quarter-final or semi-final, for example, it will be part of the branding and so Ignition may continue to do this tactic. The qualifier games streamed through satellite are good games and have many buy-in levels and even give the opportunity to participate in the more hardcore multi-table tournaments. To give a taste of some of the games, there are the live qualifier games and Sunday games with a guaranteed $100,000.
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