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Super Diamond Mine

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Ignition Casino Super Diamond Mine

Ignition Casino Super Diamond Mine games were created by Realtime Gaming where you can enjoy them at any online gambling site that has Realtime Gaming’s games. This game is the sequel to the well-known Diamond Mine Keyword 1 game, which is the amped up version of the 5-reel slot that you can bet on the max of all 9 pay lines. This version has heavy-duty graphics, bonus rounds, moving images and a progressive jackpot, so it has more stuff going on that the previous version.

Ignition Casino Super Diamond Mine Game Details

Realtime Gaming created their first online slot game with the classic 3 reels and 1 pay line and had a theme of mining for diamonds, so there were lots of images of diamonds, precious stones, mines, dynamites, etc., plus the bar sign. This version keeps these images but also adds something that limits the wins with a bolder image, so when you see a boulder on the reel, it will break up your possible chance of winning combinations. There are different credit sizes that start at 1 cent and go up to $5 but the increments are 1 cent, 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar and 5 dollars. If you are using chips, it’s a bit different but you can buy chips that are valued at 25 cents, 1, 5, 25, and 100 dollars. Because you can find 9 pay lines, you can select to play with 1 or 5 coins for each line but the wager sizes go from 1 cent to $225 for each spin.

Game Features

A really interesting perk to this game that players will appreciate of Realtime Gaming is the Cascading Diamond bonus symbol, which is exactly as it sounds, diamonds raining down on you on a winning day. If you get these symbols on any of your reels, you will find a little arrow that will tell you in which direction they will go. They increase the prize by moving along the other reels as dictated by the arrows, modifying all the symbols they touch. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the symbols yet. Here’s how it works: If you end up accumulating 99 of these diamonds in one session, you will get the play the special bonus game. Then, in this round, you will have to decide where the little nano-sized man, similar to a gnome, should dig for some hidden prizes. There are 7 places to choose from. You will get instant prizes stored as credit as the gnome continues to mine for you until he gets to something like a wall or something above him crumbles on top of him and kills him. You can get as many as 4,950 coins in this bonus round as long as you waged the maximum of 5 coins for each of the 9 lines. If you don’t bet the max, you won’t win as much money, unfortunately. A Regarding Credit Size: Keep in mind that every time you change the coin size you are using, the number of gemstones that you’ve collected resets itself, so you should try to decide your coin size first and then stick with it to avoid losing the gemstones you’ve won. Also, your chances get slimmer if you keep changing the size of the credit during the game when you are after the bonus round. But do try to get into the bonus round with a game like these versions because it will help you win more money and not waste your time doing so.

Progressive Details

This Realtime Gaming video bonus game has something that will knock your socks off, it’s their progressive prizes that are only available for specific sizes of credit. This goes the same for the biggest fixed prizes. Then, only wagers that have credit sizes that start at 1 cent up to 50 cents can get your progressive wins but each level maintains its own prize that is different from all the others, so the less the coin size, the less the prize. If you wager with $1 and $5 coins, you are more eligible to win the big jackpot that is fixed at 10,000 coins, instead of winning the progressive prizes. This really means that you can make $10,000 or even $50,000 just from one spin if you get all the right images aligned correctly. If you wager at a price of 1 cent, 5 cents, 25 cents or 50 cents, you might be able to win one of the lower progressive prizes given that you’ve wagered the max of 45 credits for every spin you take, since it’s 5 credits for every one of the 9 lines. The progressive prize is dependent on how much you’ve decided to use as your coin size. Players become winners of this progressive jackpot if they land 5 miner symbols on the active paylines, meaning they would need to bet on all 9 lines for it to count. If you bet using $1 and $5 credits and you get these 5 images aligned, you’ll get 10,000 credits for the fixed prize, then the second best prize is worth 6,000 coins that happens only if you find 5 gemstones on one of the active paylines. As one of the most exciting progressive jackpot games, the Super Diamond Mine Ignition Casino Super Diamond Mine by Realtime Gaming has specific rules to play by and has set requirements for things to happen if you want to win the top prizes. But it’s not all so unusual to find small progressive prizes for those who bet with small credit sizes and big fixed jackpots for those who are willing to bet a lot more in Ignition Casino Super Diamond Mine whether online or on land. It’s the name of the game in gambling in general. Because this version is a sequel to a previous version that was well-known called, Diamond Mine, this game by Realtime Gaming is more like an update to the previous game and does its best to give all kinds of bonuses to draw you in and tempt you to take a spin on this new version.
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