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Table Tennis

Bovada table tennis

Bovada table tennis is not popular sports discipline to bet on, although prestigious bookmakers have it in their offer. What distinguishes betting on Bovada table tennis from betting on football? First of all the main factor is bookmakers’ lack of knowledge and what goes with it a possibility of finding incredibly high odds. Sometimes I am amazed by odds set and I wonder where online bookmakers take them from, in many cases, they are probably prompted only by ranking and they do not consider much more important factors. I suppose that they use some simple formula with large error margin. For punters odds overestimated up to 40% are a huge advantage. Of course, it is important to check a ranking place but mostly it is important to check-ups and downs of particular players in the ranking. This part is checked by bookmakers, so it is hard to get an advantage over them, however, one should keep it in mind to do it. The very important element, which in my opinion is neglected by bookmakers. Very important are wins, defeats, and points scored. Without such knowledge, I do not bet on a given team. There are always more surprises in tournaments of a lower rank. Like in every sport, in Bovada table tennis players with “10“ are expected to play in Olympics, World Championship or important league matches. Low-rank tournaments have their own rules and in my opinion odds for the front runners are overestimated by 5%.

Bovada table tennis Odds

Determine your own odds, it is probably the best method which at the bottom line gives an advantage over a bookmaker. I do not look at odds set by bookmakers, but through a deep analysis, I try to evaluate them myself. It is very important not to be prompted by odds offered by bookmakers because lack of this knowledge while betting gives us an advantage. Often after 15-20 minutes, we are able to set odds more accurately than bookmakers. It happens that odds on a front-runner go up to 3/2 - 9/5 value! Thanks to this method we will find big odd differences and mistakes made by bookmakers. Let’s not forget about the value of a stake because there are no sure winners in sports.
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