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Bonus Deuces Wild

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Ignition Casino Bonus Deuces Wild Review

Ignition Casino Bonus Deuces Wild, a thrilling version of Ignition Casino Video Poker that was created by the world famous Microgaming, is a wonderful new game for those who are new to gaming and have never played Ignition Casino Video Poker. It also provides something different for those who are already fans of Ignition Casino Video Poker with all its great bonus payouts and different challenges during the game. Ignition Casino Bonus Deuces Wild also provides many other alternatives but the priority for many players is big money, big action, fast, that’s why Microgaming created a way for players to fully adjust the game speed, allowing them to choose if they want to play with Slow, Medium, Fast, and Fastest speeds. In addition, “Expert Mode” has the “AutoPlay” option, statistical analysis and game tips. The biggest jackpot you can win by playing 5 coins is 5000 coins on a Royal Flush. Then there are tons of other big payouts where the player has to find as many deuces as he can and use the “wild” cards to get Five of a Kind.

Ignition Casino Bonus Deuces Wild Rules

Each round in a game uses a regular 52-card deck which is shuffled before every single game. The deuces are all wild in the deck and can be used to obtain winning hands. During the last deal, the software determines the deuces to give you the best possible winning combo by itself. Placing bets is very easy in Ignition Casino Bonus Deuces Wild: at the bottom left of the interface, you can choose the denomination using the (+) and (-) signs to increase or decrease the amount of your bet. Clicking on the “Bet One” increases the number of coins bet by one and clicking on “Bet Max” lets you bet the maximum wager. Finish the decision by clicking “Deal”. Unless you have AutoPlay on, the player receives 5 cards and has to decide to keep or hold the cards before clicking on “Draw” to finish the play of the hand to the end. “AutoPlay” automatically plays your cards according to an optimized strategy that has already been created by the software. This way, your moves have already been mathematically determined when in Expert Mode and AutoPlay. A really nice option in this game is “doubling”, where you can play for double amount after you’ve won. You get 5 cards with four cards facing down and the dealer’s card facing up. To win, you just have to choose from the cards that are facing down a card that you think has a higher rank than that of the dealers and if you win, you can decide to collect your winnings or play for double again and again.
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