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Double Double Bonus Poker

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Ignition Casino Double Double Bonus Poker

Ignition Casino Double Double Bonus Poker, which also goes by other names such as 10/6 video poker, is another fun variation based on Jacks or Better. Like most video poker games, this game uses the standard 52-card deck as well as all other fun perks of video poker. The great thing about this game is that you can get lots of money for hands that have Four of a Kind. For example, if you have Four of Kind with cards 2s until 4s and then an Ace until 4 kickers, you will get a payout that is 160:1, which is better than the usual 40:1 that is common with Jacks or Better. Another good example is if you get a Four of a Kind Aces with a 2 through a 4 kicker, the payout is 400:1 which is way better than the standard 80:1 payout that you’d get with Jacks or Better. Other kinds of Four of a Kind Aces will get you a payout of 160:1. Double Double gets you the same payout that Jacks or Better gets for all the other hands.

Ignition Casino Double Double Bonus Poker Basic Strategy

Similar to Double Bonus Ignition Casino Video Poker, you can use a winning strategy in Ignition Casino Double Double Bonus Poker to give you an advantage over the house. The game provides you with extra bonuses that really help you play to get more payouts. The golden rule, as for all video poker games, is that you don’t break the current winning hand, and in particular for Ignition Casino Double Double Bonus Poker, if you have Four of Kind with 2s through 4 or with four Aces, don’t toss them! Make sure you hold or draw for a high kicker. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though, that will help you get a better hand. One instance could be if you want to break a Full House to get something like 4 Aces. In this case, you would keep the 3 aces and toss the pair with the hopes of drawing the 4th ace. Similarly, you increase your payout if you break up two pairs only if one of the pair is a pair of aces. So, you get rid of the lower pair with the chance to draw another ace to get three of a kind or better, but only when you already have two aces, since the payout for three of a kind is greater than the payout for two pair. If you have a Flush or Straight, toss the fifth card or try to get a Royal Flush if you already have four cards that can get you that. The odds of drawing the card that you need are 1 in 47, you have the chance to win big, which is more interesting. Another tip, hold four cards that can make a Flush or three or four cards that can make a Royal Flush. Then keep four cards for an outside Straight using one or more of the higher cards. If you don’t have them, hold the lower pair and toss the other three.
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