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  • Several Sets of Odds for Professional Players
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Bonus Poker

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Ignition Casino Bonus Poker is an exciting draw poker game that gives you the power to choose the cards to keep or to toss from a hand of five cards. The instructions are simple: click on “Draw” to draw from the deck for new cards to replace the ones you’ve tossed. If you get two Jacks or better in your final hand, you win instantly. Plus, the payout gets higher and higher the more coins you play and a special payline is given when you get four of a kind.
  • Video Poker History: In the early 70’s, Vegas saw Ignition Casino Video Poker as the alternative to the more basic slots that was, although quite popular to tourists and residents, had lots of room for improvement since it didn’t have the interaction required to hook more people. Soon the heads of the Las Vegas Casinos decided to create a new game with more interaction and excitement, Ignition Casino Bonus Poker, to please the plethora of slot gamblers where they could gamble with something similar to slots but also be able to do something to influence their winnings. We have scrupulously selected the best online casinos for online Ignition Casino Bonus Poker and listed them for you in our Toplist. With Ignition Casino Bonus Poker games, you have to know basic poker to pick the best hands and influence your winnings, and this is not like the usual slots that just wait for you to push one button. And this special aspect makes Ignition Casino Bonus Poker more fun and more addicting.
  • Online Video poker: In addition to the games played in Las Vegas Atlantic City, there is a huge selection of online Ignition Casino Video Poker games accessible at the various online casinos. The online version of these games is even more exciting than the traditional ones because there are no game restrictions, which is a drag at land-based casinos. With no restrictions whatsoever, you can find hundreds of games online and even play multiple games at the same time to help improve your odds of winning. Then, if sounds and graphics are important to you, the online games have those perfect, way better than the traditional casinos making it more pleasant and enjoyable with cute animations and music to spice things up.

Ignition Casino Video Poker Rules

Ignition Casino Bonus Poker is a mix of poker and slots. Similar to slot machine games online, this game is played on an electronic screen but with poker hands instead of just reels, rows and paylines like in classic slot machines. Basic understanding of poker is a must because you have to select the cards that you want to keep or toss. Even though you need some poker knowledge, the game is really easy to play so it’s still fun for beginners and newbies as well as veteran pros of the game who know how to apply an Ignition Casino Bonus Poker strategy. Similar to poker, you get 5 cards where you decide which to keep or toss, then you are given more cards to replace those that you’ve tossed. Payouts are determined based on the hand that you have at the end. Studying the rules and ways to apply the best strategy to win can be useful to influence the outcomes of your winnings.
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