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Double Bonus Poker

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Ignition Casino Double Bonus Poker Review

Ignition Casino Double Bonus Poker is another vigorous game of Ignition Casino Video Poker created by Microgaming, the world leader in software for online casinos. You can find many similarities in this game as those in Ignition Casino Video Poker, although with Ignition Casino Double Bonus Poker, some winner hands can get some seriously high payouts. They are all Four of a Kind but based on the rank, the payout could be much higher and there aren’t any wild cards here. The biggest jackpot with a Royal Flush for Ignition Casino Double Bonus Poker Poker is 4000 coins. The flashing lights and sounds that you get in the casino are not wanting in this game either, and you can even choose to opt out of the sounds effects if you like. That’s not the only thing you can choose, you can also choose things like Auto Hold, Auto-Rebet, Autoplay, Game Analyzer, and Optimal Play Hints, to name a few. So this game is both practical and easy for both experts and novice alike.

Ignition Casino Double Bonus Poker Rules

Ignition Casino Double Bonus Poker uses the same standard 52-card deck as most poker games, without any wild cards. Of course, the cards are shuffled before the game, and you get dealt with random cards. You can also configure your bets by using the plus control to increase your bet or the minus control to decrease your bet. Clicking on “Bet One” lets you bet one time the coin size and clicking on “Bet Max” lets you wager the max. Then, click on “Deal” starts the game and you receive your first five cards. Now you can decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to hold by clicking on the “Hold” button. Clicking on “Draw” will give you new cards to replace the ones you’ve tossed, or of course, clicking on “AutoPlay” (accessible only in Expert Mode) will just automate the playing process for your hand as well as placing the same wager as many times as you want and playing automatically following math algorithms that the software can follow. After you’ve won a hand, you can decide if you want to double your winnings, for example, with the process aptly named “Doubling”. How does Doubling work? It’s simple, first, you are dealt with five cards where four of the cards, which would be your cards, are facing down and one of the cards, the dealers, faces up. You can select one card and if the card has a higher rank than that of the dealer, your winnings are doubled. Then you can decide again if you want to continue to go through the Doubling process again or if you want to collect your winnings.
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