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Joker Poker

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Ignition Casino Joker Poker is a traditional game of poker that plays with jokers in addition to the standard 52-card deck, giving you more possibilities for winning combinations. But don’t forget that the combinations that include a Joker don’t have such a high payout like a regular winning poker hand. If you do get a winning hand, you can decide to gamble it all or just half to win more money.

How to play Ignition Casino Joker Poker

This game is so easy to play, it’s fun. Essentially, you just have to obtain a poker hand with five cards and the help of a joker. The game starts with you specifying how much you want to wager and the coin size, which ranges from 1 cent to 5 dollars. Clicking on the “Deal” button will give you five cards and you just have to choose the cards you would like to keep. You can choose to have the software decide for you but if you would like to decide, you can click on the “unhold” button. Clicking on “Deal” after you have decided gives you new cards, replacing the ones you’ve tossed. If your final hand is something worthy, you get a payout that follows the pay table shown on your screen. If you won some money, you can decide if you would like to double your money, double half, or even just collect. So, here you have the option of gambling just half of your winnings, if not all, or even just collecting your winnings and not gambling any of it. If you decide you want to gamble your winnings, the software gives you five cards with four facing down and one facing up. Your job is to pick a card that is facing down that you think might be higher than the one that is facing up. The doubling your winnings options is available until you’ve reached the limit.

Ignition Casino Video Poker Rules

Ignition Casino Joker Poker uses the standard 52-card deck and the additionally Joker card. The size of the coin ranges from 0.10 to 100 for each bet. The lowest value hand is that of Two Pairs that will let you double your wager. To hit the jackpot, you just have to get a Royal Flush in your final hand and this multiplies your wager by 100 times. Just keep in mind that the Royal Flush must have an Ace since the Joker can’t be the Ace in this hand. Ignition Casino Joker Poker has nice graphics and sound effects, betting chard and a card table to help, but they are well designed so they aren’t annoying but fun!
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